About us

The company

"When art gets out of the frame"

Intensy is the company that wants to bring art out of the box and into your home!
This is the commitment of our team of art and digital experts. Their mission is to facilitate access to works of art simply, safely and easily.
For this reason we have created easy to use applications to help buyers in their search for a work of art to decorate their home with quality objects that have a decorative but also patrimonial value.

A simplified digital experience

At Intensy we guarantee a surprisingly digital auction experience.
Order your authenticated and appraised piece simply, at a single rate with delivery included, wherever you are, even from your sofa.
Comfort, ergonomics, pedagogy, accessibility and integration are privileges that we would like you to discover with this unusual but above all secure and personalised technological purchasing process.
Welcome to Intensy, which promises you everything in one!

Heritage artworks = timeless value artwork

Are you moving into your new flat and want to decorate it in style? Opt for the acquisition of a work of art with heritage value, but above all with perpetual value. By becoming the owner of a piece whose provenance and quality are attested, you are making a long-term commitment to decorate your home without losing its value.

When decoration rhymes with ecology

By choosing to purchase a piece with heritage value to decorate your home, you are also helping to protect the planet.
Indeed, at Intensy we are committed to producing a circular and responsible economy since the pieces we offer have already been produced and are recycled thanks to their reuse by the buyers.

Do you want to decorate your flat in a sustainable and responsible way, while enjoying a relaxed and technologically surprising auction experience?
Take a step forward and discover our catalogue without further delay.

Email: online@intensy.com